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The commercial establishment

The Bank’s shareholders, and first board of directors, included many of the infant colony’s commercial and administrative establishment: Macquarie’s secretary John Thomas Campbell, D’Arcy Wentworth, and William Redfern were among them. It leased premises in Macquarie Place, Sydney, from Mary Reibey, an ex-convict turned businesswoman, and opened for business on 8 April 1817. By 1822 the bank had moved to more salubrious premises in George Street. In 1892, the Board approved the contruction of a new Bank on George Street.

Embassy Conference Center

The new Bank served for one century before being sold to a Non Profit Organization. Today, part of the building can be rented for events, classrooms, offices and meetings.

Located near Central Station, you can hire rooms in this building for a single event or a long term period.

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